An omnichannel view of the consumer is the key to people-based marketing.
When you can recognize consumers everywhere, the possibilities are endless
Our data management platform empowers you and your client to identify individuals and build a more complete picture of their behavior across devices.
Cross-Device solution

From Big Data to Big ROI

Data Stories helps companies use data to build stronger connections with consumers. Committed to innovation, agility, and - above all, customer success, our team continuously finds new and meaningful ways for our clients to harness the power of data to fuel more relevant and personalized experiences across screens and devices, online and off.

Independent Thinking

We don’t have corporate overhead or objectives distracting us or distracting our clients from their end goals and we work tirelessly with you to get there.

Individual Attention

Our Client Success team will work to guide you through every step of your DMP implementation to ensure the platform is configured to meet your specific business needs. 

Superior Technology

Our technology has helped clients increase engagement and drive revenue by turning big data into smart data for superior results. 

Professional SEO services

Use Data Stories DMP to discover:

Where did a specific consumer begin her interaction with the brand? 

How many times did the consumer interact with the brand before making a purchase? 

Which devices played a role in her decision to purchase? 

In what sequential order were devices used during her journey?