Data Management Platform

Our DMP enables you to collect first-party data from any source — including websites, apps, social, email, CRM, search, campaign data, and beyond — for one holistic view of your consumers, so you can deliver more relevant content, products and services, at the right time.

People-based marketing

Help your clients reach specific individuals with greater confidence and consistency.

Data Onboarding

Onboard, organize and segment valuable first-party data in minutes, not hours.

Cross-Device Clarity

Understand how different devices influence a customer’s path to purchase.

Unify Data

Combine data from any source for a complete picture of your consumers

Improve Performance

Focus your campaign on the consumers who are most likely to engage to increase ROI

Scale audienced

Access 2nd and 3rd-party data directly inside the DMP to fulfill your campaigns

Drive engagement

Link devices to reach your audience on the right screen at the right time

Understand tour consumers

Audience analytics offer insights into your audience’s demographics, interests and behaviors

Reduce Ad waste

Apply frequency capping across screens to reduce ad spend on unengaged consumers

Privacy compliance

Data Stories does not provide products or services directly to consumers. Instead, Data Stories has products and services that help businesses. Interest based advertising is the practice of delivering relevant content and advertising to people based on their interests, activities, and behaviors. Note that when providing interest-based advertising services to its clients, Data Stories does not use information that we deem to be personal information, which is information that identifies you as a specific person (such as your name, address, email address, or phone number), but we may use de-identified personal information as further described below.

Data Stories has software as a service products, including the Data Stories Data Management Platform (“DMP”), that Data Stories licenses to clients. These products assist those clients in collecting and organizing information about their customers from their own sources – including client websites, mobile applications, advertising campaigns, CRM systems, and data partners – and then using this information for digital advertising purposes. Data Stories provides the tools that facilitate our clients’ collection and export of this data (called, “First Party Data”) and Data Stories acts as a service provider in processing this data at the direction of those clients.

Data Collection and Use

Data Stories collects information directly. Data Stories also collects and receives information on behalf of its clients and receives information from third parties for use in its Services. Data Stories collects information via many methods, including cookies, pixel tags, SDKs (software development kits), secure file transfers, and server to server connections.

The following information is collected and used by Data Stories to provide its Services:

Demographic Information, such as:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Income Range

Online Behavioral Information

Data Stories collects information on your online browsing activity to determine what types of activities and products you may be interested in and how you interact with certain content and advertisements. This information includes:

  • Inferred behavioral data
  • Websites and content viewed
  • Mobile applications used
  • Date and time of visits to a website
  • Search terms used on a website
  • Frequency of visits to a website
  • Engagement with an advertisement

Technical Identifiers

These can be used to identify your device and typically include:

  • Cookies
  • Mobile advertising identifiers (Apple IDFA and Google AAID)
  • IP address
  • Non-personal data inferred from an IP address, such as non-precise geo-location data

Client and Partner IDs

Clients and partners may provide Data Stories with proprietary IDs, which are IDs that identify a customer or consumer to the client or partner. These client and partner IDs may correspond to personal information of the client or partner but Data Stories does not see the personal information connected with these IDs.